The Lovely Linen Closet

Did you know that 90% of the reason we have too much clutter in our lives is because we are disorganized, not because we do not have enough space?  Although many of us might like or need more storage space, it’s likely that the additional space would get cluttered too.

We need to clear our homes of the clutter.  You know, those items we claim to love, we may use, or just can’t get rid of.  It’s imperative to set up practical organizing systems that you can manage on a daily basis.  Cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, closet by closet, you can take baby steps towards organizing your home.  You just need to set some time aside on a regular basis.

Start with one small project When was the last time you opened your linen closet and gave it the once over?  I’m sure it’s been some time, all the while adding new sheets, towels and supplies.  Wouldn’t it be great to show off YOUR lovely linen closet?

Begin by clearing out the entire closet, one shelf at a time.  Set up a table nearby, if possible and begin to lay out everything.  You can also use boxes, bins or the floor to begin your categories such as: linens, meds, dental, shower and bath, etc… Now would also be a great time to paint the interior of the closet or add additional shelving.

Next, begin to sort all of the items you took out of the closet.  Remember to discard any expired items or things you no longer use, including the odd bed sheets. This purging process will also remind you of what you have.  This would also be the time to move any items that should not live in the linen closet.  For example, if you have space in dining room or in a foyer closet, put your table linens in there.  Many bathrooms have either cabinets or small linen closets in them.  This would also be the time to think about storing the towels used in each of these bathrooms in that storage space.

When placing items back into the closet, categorize each shelf to the room it corresponds to.  I like to label the shelves when working with clients so that they know instantly which shelf holds the sheets for each room.  This also takes the guesswork out of what bed the sheets belong to.  I learned a trick years ago from a friend; she places the set of sheets into one of the pillowcases so that you can grab and go.

Consider using Space Bags for your “out of season” items, such as extra blankets and pillows.  This will create plenty of additional space when putting items back into the closet.  Store these items on the floor or top shelf.

Let’s not forget the other non-linen items I mentioned before that need to go back into the closet such as meds, dental, shower, bath, etc…  Consider purchasing small, clear plastic bins, or baskets to store them in.  I also like the plastic drawer units.  They come in various sizes at stores such as Walmart, Target or Home Depot.  Measure the space you have on the shelves and purchase accordingly.  Sort your items and fill up your desired storage.  Remember to label them all so that you can see at a glance what is in each of them.

Lastly, add a sachet of your favorite scent to the closet or purchase a “stick-up”.  There’s nothing like climbing into a freshly made bed with sheets that smell wonderful.


Enjoy your organized linen closet! If you are interested in hiring a professional closet organizer, please contact Personal Touch Organizing for more information!