Spring is Here – It’s Time to Take Control of Your Closet

In the Northeast, we have been teased with Spring-like weather recently.  Before you know it, we will be looking for our short sleeved shirts and shorts.

We all have a tendency to accumulate things.  It could be anything from papers, magazines, photos or clothes…but it’s when that accumulation begins to stress you out instead of helping you out that you need to take control of your living and storage space.  The time is here to make that task a priority.

Closets are a huge issue for most.  When you are staring at your unorganized closet, it could seem like a daunting task but most would agree that an organized closet starts your day off in an organized way.  It will help you to assess and better utilize your wardrobe.  You will be better able to see and reach for things without having to look through the lack of space between articles of clothing or items falling on you from above.

Having an organized closet is like having more space with which to work in you bedroom.  The more that fits into your closet, the less furniture you will need for clothing in your bedroom.

Ideally, closets should be re-organized twice per year allowing for the turnover of seasonal clothing.


Choose a starting point.  Flip through your clothing one piece at a time.  As you look at each garment think about these 4 things: donate, throw away, wrong season, stay in closet.  Those that are not to stay in the closet should be sorted into piles in your bedroom.  The purpose of this exercise to purge out as much as you can.  You need to be strong and steadfast to your task!  If the item is torn or has a hole, get rid of it.  If it does not fit, is outdated, or if you have not worn it in a year or more, donate it.  Do the same for your shoes, handbags, coats, hats, etc…

Once you have purged the closet of items, begin sorting by category.  For example: separate work clothes from casual clothing, then categorize by length or by item, such as blouses, shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, etc… Keep like colored clothing together in each category (this will give you a visual of which items you still may have too many of).

Now that the hard part is done, you can move on to the fun part… purchase matching hangers if you can.  The felted hangers are great because they are very thin and items do not slip off of them.  Also make sure to purchase a variety of hanger styles so that you have the proper hangers for the types of clothing you own.  Before you move on to the next step, stand back and take a look at the layout of your closet.  Will it effectively work for the items that remain?  Do you need shelves where there are racks?  Do you have enough linear racks for your clothing to fit without being crammed together?  This may be the case if you keep your handbags, shoes and jewelry in your closet.  You may need to contact a handyman or make a trip to your local hardware store.

Lastly, re-hang all of your clothing on the matching hangers, and be sure to have all of your clothing face in the same direction.  I love shoes stored in the clear plastic shoe boxes or over the door shoe racks depending on the space you have.  Have fun and be creative!

If this task seems too daunting, contact me…I’d be happy to help you de-clutter your closet and provide you “Peace of Mind”.

Happy Organizing!