Spring Cleaning…Not Just for the Home

Springtime is a time of renewal for the earth, as well as your home and state of mind.  Whether you realize it or not, our home environment has a direct impact on our attitude, our productivity, health and energy.  Spring cleaning can cleanse your mind, body, and spirit with a fresh start.

Statistics show that approximately 60% of Americans spring clean their homes each year.  Are you one of the 60%?  If not, consider this…Spring Cleaning does not have to be such a daunting task.  You can certainly break down the “big job” into smaller, more manageable tasks that won’t overwhelm you.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Make a list.  Write down a simple spring cleaning plan according to what needs most attention in your home.  Determine approximately how much time each task will take and allocate that time on your schedule.
  • The Clean Sweep” Think about sweeping every floor in your home.  Don’t only sweep the floors but also your garage floors, the deck, walkways, etc… Consider purchasing new door mats as well.  Did you know that 80% of household dirt tracked through your home can be prevented by simply using a door mat at every entrance.  Taking off your shoes would help too!
  • Dust the nooks and crannies.  After a long winter indoors, you need to open windows, and breathe in the fresh air.  Block out some time to dust off all surfaces such as: tables, window frames, picture frames, blinds, ceiling fans, the back of your television, computer and stereo, lamp shades, and window treatments.
  • Wash the windows inside and out!  Do one or two rooms a day if you need to.  Get them sparkling clean and let the sun shine in.  Clean all of the mirrors in your home as well while you are at it.  Here’s a tip…use old newspaper instead of paper towels.  They leave no dust or residue while cleaning.
  • The “Kitchen Deep Clean”  Clean the inside of your oven, refrigerator, toaster oven and microwave.  Wash the cabinet doors.  How about the insides of the drawers?  Empty each and vacuum out the accumulated crumbs.  Then wash clean with some Windex or Fantastic.  Then wash the floor on your hands and knees using a clean rag each time one fills with dirt.  This may require washing it twice to get the rags showing no dirt as you clean the surface of the floor.  (if you have a tile floor, scrub the grout clean)  Are your throw carpets yucky?  Buy some new ones, they are inexpensive.  This will surely spruce up things.
  • Vacuum under all of the furniture.  Dust accumulates under there.  Lift up the big pieces, flip all of the bed mattresses, and launder the dust ruffles and mattress pads.
  • Organize to keep things neat and feeling clean.  Containerize all of your stuff, but don’t just throw it in there.  Make sure everything is categorized as well.  Place pretty baskets on all open shelving and inside cabinets labeled with it’s contents.  Keep in mind, every item in your home should have a home within your house.

So get busy.  Enjoy these beautiful Spring months.  Re-energize and feel great.  Always remember that when you spring clean your home, you are also cleansing your life!