Photo Organization

  • Do you have a lifetime of photos in drawers, boxes and bags?
  • Are your photos sitting on your memory card or lost somewhere on your computer?
  • Do you have old albums that are yellow and faded?
  • Do you need help understanding new technologies?
  • Would you like someone to help you sort everything out?

How I Can Help:

I often ask people why they take photos, and the number one answer is “to remember.” Our photos capture the moments that define our lives. Sharing these memories is one way we stay connected with family and friends. However, with today’s technological advances and our busy lifestyles, people become overwhelmed with how to organize, document and showcase their
photo memories.

My goal is to help you gain control. I want to eliminate the stress and guilt that is caused by having 1000’s of images in boxes and drawers as well as on the computer and memory cards. As your personal photo organizer, I offer a variety of services and solutions for your printed and digital dilemmas so that you can share your story in a meaningful way.

Services Offered:

  • Organize traditional printed photos into photo safe storage boxes.
  • Organize digital photos from your CD’s, memory cards, and flash drives.
  • Computer Help – Install software to help manage digital images or an external hard drive as a backup for digital images.
  • Create digital  memory books for special occasions such as: vacations, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, school years, etc…
  • Create traditional scrapbooks/photo albums
  • Create Slide Show/Video Montage for Special Occasions or as an alternate way of enjoying family memories
  • Scan and enhance photos and slides
  • Transfer family movies to DVD
  • Create special products for school fundraisers, for example: Video Yearbooks, Sports Team Yearbooks, Keepsakes for Clubs and Sports
  • Create posters as a gift, for a party or to celebrate a life at a funeral
  • Speak to groups and provide tips on how to organize photos.